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Jaswoj Bakery Products




Jaswoj Bakery offers variety of fresh cut meats, breads and buns, pastries,dairy products and many other products such as chocolates, sweets, drinks, preserved jar products and many other. Below you can view some of our product offerings. Visit our bakery to find out more.

cakes - we offer all kinds of cakes for all occasions. click here to view our selection.
pastries - we have delicious fresh baked pastries of all kinds.
sliced meats - many different kinds of all types of cold cut meats.
sliced cheese - many different kinds of all types of domestic cheese.
chocolates - selection of chocolates bars including those from our country of origin of Poland.
candies - many different imported from Poland candies and sweets.
breads & buns - our specialty! fresh baked breads and buns of all kinds.
beverages - we offer all kinds of Polish beverages and drinking water.
jar products - we carry all kinds of jar products cucumbers, peppers, cabbage and much more...
pierogies - yes we have delicious pierogies, and best of all they are totally made by us.

vegetables - yes we carry most common vegetables for your one stop shopping.
dairy - we cary a huge selection of many different varieties of dairy products..